Day: March 23, 2022

Cyber Security Risks

The Cyber Security Risks of Employees Working From Home   Organisations (big and small) throughout the world are preparing for the future in what resembles

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What is ‘GDPR’?

What is ‘GDPR’? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a law that regulates the way organisations handle personal data. After Brexit, there are now

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Hard Drive Security

Hard Drive Security: The Security Implications of Hard Drive Recycling   Recycle or Destroy? Recycling hard drives would be the preferred route with software sanitization

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Renewable Energy Resources

How Renewable Energy Resources Are Reinventing the World: How Renewables Can Save our Planet   With the current economic climate, scientists are looking into renewable

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History of Recycling

You might have seen the current push for recycling fuelled by greater public recognition across the globe. However the principle of recycling isn’t new, in

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What items do we recycle?

WHAT ITEMS DO WE RECYCLE?   We recycle all items that are associated with the following IT equipment (including non-IT equipment):   Computers (Desktop, mini-computers

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