What items do we recycle?



We recycle all items that are associated with the following IT equipment (including non-IT equipment):


  1. Computers (Desktop, mini-computers and Main-Frames that are being dismantled or withdrawn from service).
  2. Laptops
  3. Hard-drives
  4. Monitors
  5. Printers
  6. Motherboards
  7. Mouses
  8. Mobile Phones
  9. Networking Equipment
  10. Servers
  11. CPU Fans
  12. Floppy disc Drives
  13. Pocket Calculators
  14. Old RAM strips
  15. Computer Speakers
  16. CPU Carcasses
  17. Cables
  18. Projectors


And pretty much anything else that is IT related or indirectly IT related.


We collect your unwanted equipment and then securely “data-sanitize” your PC’s, laptops, monitors, hard-drives and everything else on the list above.


100% data destruction (if applicable) is guaranteed for all the above items which includes the safe removal of all labels, configurations, serial numbers, references and indeed any trace of previous ownership of the above equipment.


Many of our clients require a “Data-Destruction Certificate” and these are available to your company on request.


Please note that the equipment we recycle does not have to be working, it could be broken, incomplete or damaged in any way.  We have specialist equipment to be able to “data-sanitize” any of the above components.


Please call or email Fixed Asset Disposal for all your computer and IT recycling needs

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