What We Do

Fixed Asset Disposal specialise in the secure collection and disposal of redundant or outmoded I.T. equipment.  We operate a nationwide collection service and are of course licensed by the Environment Agency. The level of service afforded by every client is at the forefront of our core values.

We have a large client base and offer a nationwide service; no job is too big or too small. There are a wide range of services available within the Information Destruction industry and establishing whether a security provider complies to the relevant National and European standards should be an important part of the procurement process for companies of all sizes, to ensure the quality and reliability of the supplier selected.

The Government’s WEEE directive, and subsequent legislation, not only governs the collection and transportation, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the method of disposal of all electrical and electronic waste. Fixed Asset Disposal adhere absolutely to every section of the WEEE directive and stringently follow the waste hierarchy

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