Hard Drive Security

Hard Drive Security: The Security Implications of Hard Drive Recycling


Recycle or Destroy?

Recycling hard drives would be the preferred route with software sanitization with approved software tools with certification per drive and only for HDD/SSD that have been certified 100% working. Anything not working 100%, then physical destruction would be the route for recycling


Benefits of Recycling

Reduced waste and reduction in demand for Raw materials and a quicker route to market from recycled goods as opposed to raw materials.


DoD 5220.22m or HMG IS5 Standard?

US Dept of Defence Data Sanitization Standard of 5220.22M or the UK version HMG IS5 are both secure and do the same thing but which is best?


ISO 27001 Framework

Emphasis on Fixed Asset Disposal providing a secure and equal resolution for any data holding device every time due to strict adherence to its ISO 27001 accreditation


Buyback Schemes

Option to buy back drives from DataCenter or Data Storage company that are deemed usable and that strict data security sanitization standards would be followed



The Security Implications of Hard Drive Recycling


The immediate or near-term security implications are how hard drives should be handled. The potential security implications of hard drives being handled on site.


The Point of Breach or POB of security is where an unauthorized party or parties gaining unauthorized access to the infrastructure that is connected to the hard drives on site. The POB of the hard drive is the largest security breach to the network, affecting the computer system and the media media drives as well.


In the event of a POB breach, as the most high-tech or high-profile customers, such as Government Agency, Government Businesses, private sector companies that rely on the system for their operations will immediately suspect a network compromise on their system.


The Benefits of Hard Drive Recycling


Fixed Asset Disposal is a UK leading sustainable IT waste management company. Our mission is to create a world where no matter where it ends up, IT equipment can be recycled, reused, and recovered. We do this by providing comprehensive, end-to-end services that provide safe and sustainable solutions to our customers, empower businesses, and improve communities. Fixed Asset Disposal is committed to being one of the UK’s leading socially responsible providers of recycling, recovery, reuse and disposal solutions for consumer and commercial IT waste, and an environmentally responsible supplier of end-of-life products.

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