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Why use anybody else?

Company background

Our staff have experience and detailed knowledge in the IT equipment lifecycle process. We can liaise with your support staff to arrange regular collection of WEEE equipment thus freeing up valuable resources and wasted space in storing, auditing and managing redundant IT equipment.

Why let redundant equipment fill your IT storage space or warehouse. Fixed Asset Disposal can provide project assistance on end-of-life equipment lifecycle – datacentre/server farm, PC/Laptop deployment. We also cover Pharmaceutical and lab equipment disposal to name a few.

Managed Service

Additional services that can be tailored to meet your requirements. They include decommissioning, site shutdown and relocation, field staff laptop transitional disposal. We have also provided core network decommissioning, de-rack and removal services for 2000 plus user sites. We understand the responsibility and change control in a live data centre environment. We employ key working practices to mitigate unplanned downtime.

Simplistic approach

We provide a simplistic efficient approach to you WEEE waste management saving you time and resource.

  • Collection and removal of your WEEE Equipment at a Date and Time agreed by yourselves including “Duty of Care” Documentation
  • Transport GPS Tracked back to Secure Warehouse and quarantine for a pre-set period (If required)
  • Full Audit of Equipment including Allocation of Identification number, Make, Model and Serial Number of WEEE Equipment
  • Data Destruction using CESG Approved Software tools to wipe Hard Drives to HMG IS5 Specification including certificate of Wiping
  • Data Destruction using CESG approved Hardware Shredding & Degaussing equipment
  • Destruction Certificates of ANY Equipment that cannot be refurbished and require recycling.
  • Audit Report emailed to you once complete including Date Wiping Certificates and Hardware Destruction Certificates

Complete piece of mind

In todays news hungry, media driven world we now live in; having a small data breech is now high stakes stuff. But why have sleepless nights over this when Fixed Asset Disposal has the methodology and process’s in place to ensure that your equipment and data is managed and controlled responsibly.

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