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How Renewable Energy Resources Are Reinventing the World: How Renewables Can Save our Planet


With the current economic climate, scientists are looking into renewable energy.  Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and other renewable energy technologies are working to create cleaner, more sustainable lifestyles without risking our Earth’s well-being. Renewable energy resources are not new but they are getting more and more popular every day. From solar panels to wind energy, we are seeing a lot of change and innovation in the world of renewable resources and new ways to harness their energy. This blog looks at how renewable resources can change the world.


What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is the usage of a renewable resource as a source of energy. The technology of renewable energy is often referred to as clean or green energy. Renewable energy means that the energy does not need to be created from coal, oil, or gas. It can also be created from water, sunlight, biomass, or wind. The most common renewable resource used for energy is the sun. In fact, since plants and trees are able to capture energy from the sun, some may even think that they are the basis for renewable energy. The next most common renewable resource is water. While it can be difficult to access large volumes of water in many areas of the world, in many parts, water is plentiful and there are many ways to harvest it.


The History of Renewable Energy


Before the industrial revolution, people relied on whatever they could get from nature. Even the earliest civilizations used the wind for transportation, sailing their ships across the seas. However, the term “renewable energy” was coined by President Jimmy Carter during his Energy Policy address in 1977. Carter’s speech helped to popularize the term throughout the English speaking world.  Energy security is a major reason why renewable energy is growing in popularity year on year. Energy security can be defined as the assurance that you will have enough energy when you need it. Energy security can also be referred to as supply security or energy independence. Energy security is the ability to produce enough energy to supply the needs of the world. Energy security also requires the ability to rapidly increase production when more energy is needed.


Why are renewables important?

Renewable resources can have a tremendous effect on our world and on the future of it. For example, the United States is the second largest producer of solar energy in the world. The past two years have shown a 400% growth in renewable energy capacity. Renewable energy is often considered a choice rather than a necessity. It is a way to decrease the dependence on fossil fuels and to cut down on pollution. We all agree that we need to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, which is why the use of renewable resources has become so widespread. Renewable resources are becoming more affordable and eco-friendly, which is why we are using them.


How are renewables changing the world?

Solar power systems have been around for over 400 years. However, the first “photovoltaic” solar cells made their debut in the 1920s and quickly changed the world by producing electricity without being tied to any source of fuel. A video recently surfaced of people in Iraq searching for oil and electricity by looking for sun rays to catch in order to charge their phones and electric cars. This type of future where electricity is in greater demand and less abundant is not too far from becoming reality. Wind turbines have also been around for a while and are being used in huge numbers worldwide to generate clean electricity.


Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is a heat source that comes from the Earth. It is energy similar to the hot springs of the geysers but not in the same way. Unlike hot springs, geothermal energy is usually found underground or underwater. Geothermal is generated from heat that is trapped deep underground. This heat energy is so intense that it makes it impossible for water to live in the earth because it is too hot. The heat energy of the earth is used to power geothermal plants and then used by the people who live near it. Rebecca Woodall, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Cincinnati, talked about geothermal energy in her TED talk. She discusses why geothermal energy is so important for the world today.


Solar power

Solar energy is free and virtually limitless. It is also free from pollution and from overuse. It is relatively low cost.  Solar power is perhaps the most viable alternative to fossil fuels.  The first solar panels were created around 100 years ago, but it wasn’t until a few decades ago that a practical use was found. Now solar energy is growing at a phenomenal rate and is becoming more and more viable as a source of energy.


Wind energy

Wind turbines are wind powered and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. One of the ways to use wind energy is for electricity generation. Wind turbines are often found in rural areas and are one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. Renewable energy provides clean and affordable energy for millions of people around the world. What Are Wind Turbines Made Of? There are many different types of wind turbines. This depends on what they are used for. Many of them are hollow structures that can be used to generate more power and to protect the turbine when it is not in use.



A lot has happened and will continue to happen as scientists continue to research renewable energy and make it work for us. With solar panels, we can harness the sun’s power, something which doesn’t happen by chance. Many other renewable resources have made their way into our daily lives and will continue to do so. We have a lot of hope and new ways to think about renewable resources and its impact on our environment and our lives.

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