Data Centre Decommissioning

Decommissioning/Shut Down

Fixed Asset Disposal provide the relevant trained engineers to help manage and or assist with Data Centre work. We have existing experience in Data Centre operations and procedures.

Onsite Management

Onsite management can be quite costly and we believe that our work centric employees have a detailed and responsible attitude. This ensures managing key responsibilities when attending a data centre with regards to health and safety. We also encompass risk assessment, method statements and dedication to help reduce client costs with fleet equipment changeovers and hardware migrations.

Dedicated supplier

Utilising us a supplier you gain the advantage of Improved security for loading, transferring, wiping and archiving sensitive business and client data. Safe in the knowledge that your equipment is GPS tracked in our vehicles to its secure storage and recycling facility; asset tagged and securely handled.

Confidence in process

Your confidence will be galvanized as we help reduce operational headaches with management of your old and redundant equipment. This makes this process a simple run of the mill exercise reducing the stress of complex project management and control.

Step process

  • Decommissioning/Shut Down of Stand-Alone Corporate Data Centers
  • Removal of designated racked equipment and cabinets safely
  • Decommissioning and deracking of servers and network equipment
  • Safe Removal of cabling
  • Physical inventory count of equipment and assets,  documentation of any discrepancies
  • Secure Destruction of data (either on-site or at a processing facility)
  • Stage, pack and ship equipment as designated.
  • Move equipment to a facility where assets are prepared for resale or recycling
  • Redeploy IT assets and server racks to another company owned property
  • Return end-of-lease equipment

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