Secure Data Destruction

Demonstrable Data Management

Any data holding device with storage will be segregated, inventoried for storage devices, audited, asset tagged and then data wiped with a certificate of destruction down to individual hard drive serial number and model number shown on the certificate ensuring total confidence of data ownership.

Certified Data Destruction

Storage media that can be wiped securely will go through our software wipe process; this is for 100% ONLY storage devices. Any device that has less than 100% will be put through our HDP Hard Drive Punch which is a security class H-3 unit – (H = Hard Drives from Computers, Laptops, and External Devices, Class 3 Is for Very High Protection for Confidential and Top Secret Data which if disclosed could have terminal consequences for a Company or Government Entity, and have a health and safety or personal freedom risk to individuals). The units are then further shredded for complete data security.

The software that we utilise for the data sanitation is Active Killdisk Business which gives us the option to choose the wiping standard you require, dependant on geographical location or corporate standard you follow we can erase to US DoD 5220.22M 3 Wipe Verify method or the UK HMG Infosec Standard 5 (IS5) 3 Wipe Verify method both proven secure methods of data destruction.

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