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What is ‘GDPR’?

What is ‘GDPR’? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a law that regulates the way organisations handle personal data. After Brexit, there are now

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Free Computer Recycling

Is it really free? The free computer recycling program works by collecting and recycling unwanted computers from schools, colleges, and universities. If you have enough

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Apple Computer Recycling

Apple Old Computer Recycling Fixed Asset Disposal offers a UK-wide, top-rated old Apple Computer Recycling Service Trusted providers Fixed Asset Disposal, one of the UK’s

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PC and Laptop Recycling

Sustainable I.T. Equipment Recycling Recycling end of life technology It’s a fact that we are generating more and more computers every year. PC’s, laptops and

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Secure Disposal of Data

Appropriate disposal methods How to Dispose of old and obsolete computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Equipment and Avoid Getting Fined. Incredibly, as many as 80%

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