Recycling old computers in London

Computer Recycling in London

IT equipment can be a costly investment for businesses, but it’s also a valuable asset. That’s why many business owners are exploring ways to reuse or recycle their old IT assets, instead of just disposing of them. But recycling is more than simply getting rid of your old PC. To reap the benefits of recycling, you’ll need to choose a company that offers the right kind of service. Which offers both hardware and software recycling.


Here’s what to consider when choosing a recycling company in Reading. The location of the business – where it is located should be an important factor. Some companies may offer different pricing or other cost reductions based on their geographic locations. Industry size – Demand for recycled computers will vary. We’d suggest that if your PCs won’t fit into one box but several then this might be a good place to start. Your Recycling Needs – the source of your recycling needs also depends on what you’re looking for from companies offering IT service and support. Do you have an idea of which item(s) you want to be recycled or reused? Or do you want some sort of monitoring too, so that people can confirm that their new computer is running just as well as before?


Price – it may sound counter-intuitive but price will depend on where the items are being sent for recycling – remember not all towns and cities offer free collection. Often, couriers will pick up IT equipment directly from businesses who wish their computer equipment to be recycled. This is why it’s important to make sure you communicate with the recycling company.

Our opinion: we believe that finding a good and reliable provider of Computer Recycling Services should not just be about cost, but the quality of the service as well.  We are based just on the outskirts of Reading and can therefore offer you a fast and reliable service for all your IT and computer recycling needs.

The IT industry in Reading has many challenges to solve, one of them is to recycle obsolete IT equipment. Many tech companies are working on creating systems that can automatically detect and remove old computers, servers, printers and other electronic devices. This technology could help tech companies save up on money spent on disposing of their outdated equipment.

Reading has many high-tech businesses with offices located across Berkshire and beyond and we at Fixed Asset Disposal are just a few minutes away from your company premises and offer a full recycle and disposal service of your obsolete IT equipment.

Many companies in the Reading area have tried offering computer recycling services, but we have developed systems that allow us to match any product type for recycling purposes and receive all revenue back from suppliers once it turns out what manufacturers are paying for scrap materials.


Reading is a large town on the Thames and Kennet rivers in southern England. It’s famous for the annual Reading Festival, a lively and very popular outdoor rock music event. Shops and riverside restaurants are numerous in the modern town centre. The Reading Museum contains exhibits on the town’s history and displays a Victorian replica of the Bayeux Tapestry. The ruins of the 12th-century Reading Abbey lie close to Forbury Gardens which is a Victorian formal garden.

The town is home to an estimated 155,000 people and its excellent road and rail networks and its proximity to London has encouraged many companies, especially IT, to locate or re-locate in Reading.  The town even has the nickname of silicon valley.  It has borders with Newbury to the south, and Bracknell and Wokingham to the east.

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