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WEEElie Bin Hire Best Practise

Cost effective over security?

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get your waste collected? Hiring a wheelie bin or WEEE recycling bin is the answer. These bins can be hired on an ad hoc basis as and when they are needed. Alternatively, customers may prefer to hire them on a monthly or annual contract. This in turn will provide more flexibility for both parties. Wheelie bins or WEEE recycling bins come in different sizes. This depends on what type of waste materials need to be disposed of. They all  have been designed with the environment in mind so that recycling rates can be maximised. But please bear in mind that you store them in a secure location due to data theft opportunities!

Do’s & Don’t

Dos and don’ts of WEEE bin hire.  We can provide you with a large wheelie bin. You can fill up with all your waste Electrical and Electronics. However these tend to not be secure if left outside. They give thieves an ample opportunity to steal the equipment and all the data contained within it. In addition there will be a breach of waste codes if the electrical items get wet. Persistent organic pollutants (POPS) must be prevented. This is because it’s a legal requirement that POPS do not leak out into the ground below.  In addition there is a risk of serious health hazards. There are mercury compounds in old CRT and TFT computer monitors.

Regular reliable collections

Fixed Asset Disposal Ltd can schedule regular collections of waste electrical/electronic equipment.  We can do it for you on an ad hoc basis if you prefer. We can be very flexible and meet your requirements.

Managed Service

We are a company that provides WEEE wheelie bin hire in the UK. We have been established for over 10 years and have helped many companies keep their work environment clean, tidy and safe. Here is why you should call us when it comes to your waste management needs:

– We offer free quotes for all our services  – Our service areas includes London and the M4 corridor including Bristol as well as other major cities in the UK  – You can also rely on us to provide prompt customer service with a smile every time!

Help & Advice

We are a leading provider of WEEE collection services in the UK. Our team is fully equipped to handle all your regular and ad hoc collections, as well as recycling or disposing responsibly for you. With our years of experience and expertise we can also provide advice on how to streamline your existing processes so that waste disposal becomes more efficient and cost effective. If you need help with anything from designating an appropriate point person for managing contracts, identifying potential issues before they arise, or even finding new ways to reduce costs related to transportation – give us a call today!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about what we do here at Fixed Asset Disposal Ltd., including how we could work together on improving your current WEEE waste management.

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