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Ewaste equipment for disposal and recycling will be handled in accordance with Article 4 of the revised EU Waste Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC) sets out five steps for dealing with waste, ranked according to environmental impact – the ‘waste hierarchy’.


Any data holding device with storage will be segregated, inventoried for storage devices, audited, asset tagged and then data wiped with a certificate of destruction down to individual hard drive serial number and model number shown on the certificate ensuring total confidence of data ownership.


Fixed Asset Disposal provide high quality and cost-effective decommissioning/replacement lifecycle service. The ability to provide a complete-service solution requires a complete understanding of the lifecycle of an asset.  This is why our controlled and professional approach is to first assess the environment and the risks associated with the removal and then to create a plan to control the exit of equipment.


We are leaders in the secure, certified destruction of end of life electronic waste and data. As a WEEE recycling company, will can fully manage your ewaste, collecting, auditing and disposing in a secure and fully compliant manner, a service that saves you money.

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