Decommissioning Specialists

Costs effective decommissioning service

Fixed Asset Disposal provide high quality and cost-effective decommissioning/replacement lifecycle service. The ability to provide a complete-service solution requires a complete understanding of the lifecycle of an asset.  This is why our controlled and professional approach is to first assess the environment and the risks associated with the removal and then to create a plan to control the exit of equipment.

Project management

Liaising with key stakeholders with assisting project managing for planned equipment migration and replacement and providing onsite technical assistance.  Support with removing at point equipment for recycling freeing up valuable time and floor space without the need for storage and management. Your equipment by negotiation can be quarantined at our secure storage location until ready for disposal.

Cost effective solution

Reduced costs of IT deployment and IT decommissioning, save valuable time by working with a single trusted supplier with experience and understanding of the ITIL Equipment Lifecycle Process.  Improved security when loading, transferring, wiping and archiving sensitive business and client data. Minimise business disruption during complex IT projects and ensure project success

Recycling added value

We provide value by adding IT recovery options such as IT reuse, IT refurbishment, IT parts recovery or charitable donations. Our core aim is to reduce the need for raw material use by utilising existing materials by recycling and reuse with an overall target of reducing carbon emissions.

Our skilled technicians provide a complete disposal one-stop shop and are experienced in a range of decommissioning. These range from a server retirement, data centre decommissioning/replacement, Laptop/PC fleet migration disposal. By working with one single trusted supplier to complete your decommissioning, you are ensuring that your site clearance or equipment retirement is completed with the minimum of disruption to your business.

Attention to detail

Each decommission equipment receives the same attention to detail:

  • Secure Data Wipe/destruction regardless of age or type
  • Asset Management through Asset tagging
  • Removal of ANY company LOGO, TAG or identifying markings
  • Handling & Recycling of all your obsolete equipment

Managed partnership

Fixed Asset Disposal also offer a partnership program to work alongside IT infrastructure, Facilities Management to help project plan and manage the safe secure disposal of your redundant assets.

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