Pharmaceutical Disposal Services

Regulated control and secure disposal

Medical and Controlled equipment decommissioning, removal and or hardware upgrade lifecycle is a challenging project for most in addition to following CGMP Requirements. A mandatory process for Validated Equipment, Production downtime availability and a transparent disposal process.  Fixed Asset Disposal can offer to assist in the last part of your project of cleardown/remove and recycle EOL equipment weather it’s located in a clean room or controlled environment and requires understanding of GMP SOP processes.

Defined procedures SOP

We have robust process in place to ensure safe risk-free removal of equipment with a strict and managed approach in a controlled environment.  With this approach mindset we will endeavour to mitigate any CAPA process for other eWaste WEEE Companies that have little or no understanding of FDA Validated equipment and or lifecycle.

Experience over cheaper alternatives

Our skilled experience staff can disconnect and de-rack any equipment onsite, remove and dispose of with robust process’s. This includes risk assessment and method statements ensuring no unplanned audit observations and adherence to FDA 21 CFR requirements.

Understanding of business practise

Fixed Asset Disposal have an  understanding of your business, we have staff who have been through FDA audits and have a working knowledge of EMA regulatory mechanisms. This is a key point in eliminating non-conformance, with this level of complexity we have a specific set of procedures governing our interactions when assessing equipment to be disposed of, this is broken down as follows:

Assessment and or Scope of Works

Pre site visit can be scheduled to undertake the planning of equipment to be removed, when it can be removed. This includes out of hours for reduced downtime. Effective removal planning focusing on risk mitigation and secure managed disposal.

Audit Trail Documentation

Full AUDIT trail is provided from site to Fixed Asset Disposal, which includes asset tag of equipment and full break down of each unit including make, model and serial number. Further including collation of each individual HDD/SDD data storage device with secure destruction certification.

Data Sanitization Inc Certification

As each HDD/SDD is asset tagged and serial numbers collated, working units are sanitized by CESG IS5 software with certification to ensure data compliance. Fixed Asset Disposal adhere to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) obligations. NON-Working and faulty HDD/SDD are de-manufactured and Hole Punched twice to ensure physical destruction also within compliance.

Complete paper trail for compliance

A complete report is provided to ensure that you exceed your corporate responsibilities.

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