Paper shredding and fire precautions

Shredding paper on-site can pose a fire risk for a number of reasons. First, paper is flammable, especially when finely divided. Secondly, paper dust can be an ignition source, making it highly flammable in all environments. In addition, it’s possible to create fire hazards by destroying paper by using fixed equipment, mobile shredding equipment, or a combination of both. So, it’s important to take the necessary precautions when conducting such an operation.

Fortunately, many mobile shredding vans and lorries are equipped with fire suppression systems. Most of these systems contain a water tank that uses the braking system to extinguish a fire. It’s an effective system, but it’s not completely automatic, so you’ll still need to pay attention and act quickly if you see a fire. Fire safety is also an important factor for secure shredding companies.

As an added benefit, certified shredding companies follow Government regulations on security and compliance. Additionally, they allow you to witness the destruction of your documents. Professional shredding services ensure that the documents are truly destroyed, and that no information can be recovered or misused. Lastly, a certified destruction certificate ensures your business’s peace of mind. This certificate includes a chain of custody and witnesses and a time stamp, making sure your company is safe from any liability.

Shredding paper on-site is a complicated process, and many businesses fail to properly store their confidential waste in a secure area. Furthermore, it’s often not possible to shred everything at once, causing serious risks. For example, if you are using a personal shredder, don’t forget to put it in a locked container. Accidentally shredding a staple or paper clip can ignite, resulting in an electrical fire.

While all shredders are designed to automatically shut off after a certain amount of time, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow basic safety precautions and monitor it closely. It’s also important to empty waste paper bins regularly. Even if you do have an automatic shut-off system, it’s still possible for it to malfunction unexpectedly, so make sure you follow these tips.

While most businesses understand the importance of secure destruction of unwanted documents, very few actually do it. In fact, most organizations use store-bought shredders and waste valuable employees for document destruction. Using a professional shredding service can ensure the destruction of your sensitive documents, while reducing your risk of an accident such as a fire. You can request a quote and schedule a convenient time for your shredding needs.

Another safety precaution is to avoid accidentally catching a finger in the blades. If you’re not careful, you can get your fingers caught in the paper while shredding, causing an injury.

To conclude:  always take extra care when involved in the shredding of unwanted documents as the fine dust that comes off the shredding process can be highly flammable.

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