Computer Recycling in Bracknell

Computer recycling in Bracknell is a legal requirement in the UK and falls within the statutory requirements of WEEE legislation. Businesses of all sizes and householders have a duty to properly dispose of their electrical waste under the WEEE system.  If the item of electrical or electronic equipment has a crossed out wheelie bin symbol on it, do not dispose of it in your bin, but instead take it to the nearest household waste recycling or civic amenity centre. In addition it can pay to check what is included in the item that you intended to take out of your home. UK recycling companies (such as Fixed Asset Disposal) have a list of common electrical items and components that we accept, so check with us before taking anything further. The Government’s goal was to set targets for the collection, recovery, and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment across Europe, as well as to divert large amounts of waste equipment from landfill sites. The legislation places the onus on producers to be responsible for their items when they become waste.

In the UK, waste electrical and electronic equipment is placed in one of four categories, depending on how it’s used. Appliances qualify for Recycling under Category B means that they are something that would normally expected to be able to be sent back in a box with a pre-paid label from the retailer. It would need fitting before re-use was likely/applicable ie: an oven or washing machine, they must have been given a pre-paid green label and the store would accept them back. All other electrical equipment qualifies for Recycling under Category C means the item is not very expensive but should also be able to fit within its original packaging, an example of this probably being your computer components such as monitor or case etc. The items must have been given a “yellow” or “amber” coloured sticker attached to its box which says either PC/OPB or SCO or PCa which indicates that it can be recycled by your local authority using Tax Invoice Take Back services. These take the form of a small white label, and highlight an address to them; if you were unable to find such a box in your locality (by searching for take back points on councils website) then check with one close by as they may not always like people bringing things directly from homes due to previous issues( https://

The touch screen units cannot be sent away via yellow sticker recycling as they are not working appliances, but can still be disposed of or recycled responsibly by using PBT (Pay By Text) service. But you must first register with this service via their website, and it will tell you once they have found a yellow sticker for recycling. In order to make the preparation of your Home Comms equipment easier in regards to Category Classification.  If you require any information on these matters please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.  However, this does not change the fact that there is a huge amount of IT waste generated in our everyday lives. That is why we’re committed to working together with brands and consumers for sustainable approaches to disposing-of unwanted IT products and electronics, rather than destroying it. Please note that by sending your items to us for recycling, it does not grant you an end of life credit. All labelled materials will be recycled in accordance with the law and following secure disposal processes. You will not be refunded for any items sent to us. Please also note that we may take a small fee from the recycling process if it is necessary for this service, but these charges must be agreed before accepting your order. The recycling process can be broken down into four steps:

Step 1. Your devices are collected from your place of work and securely transported to our secure storage facility in the UK.

Step 2. A black box with a different number inside is placed on top of it, this unique code identifies which materials are being recycled by our facilities  A small surcharge for this service may apply – please contact us for more information

Step 3. Your device and the materials within it are then transported to a secure recycling facility.

Step 4: With your consent, you will be contacted if further action is necessary


Bracknell is a thriving New Town located in East Berkshire approximately 35 miles west of London. It lies about 10 miles east of Reading which is the county town of Berkshire. Its population in 2011 was 83,393. Bracknell is the one of six major settlements that belong to the Tri-Borough Urban Area (Thatcham/Bracknell Forest Borough Council / Royal Berkshire County Council) which represents a projected population of 1 million inhabitants by 2031. The area grew rapidly during the 1990s and 2000s thanks to its good public transport links with Reading,


Bracknell was named ‘Best Place to Live in Britain’ by the Good Homes Magazine and one of its highest achieving areas according to The Sunday Times Best Places To Live League Table. It is situated within the south east Berkshire districts of Bracknell Forest Borough District Council, and Royal Berkshire County Council.


Bracknell lies close to Wokingham, and is surrounded by forest areas which are excellent wildlife habitats. The town is mostly built on land reclaimed from the surrounding 4,400-hectare (10,000 acre) Royal Sandhurst Forest which was planted by King George IV in 1829 to provide for his royal family’s future development. He donated it to Queen Victoria so that any profit would go towards building a new church and school hall costing £6,500 instead of paying off debts incurred during her coronation earlier that year.  Bracknell’s location, on the A329 between Reading and Swindon (the latter with M4 motorway access via junction 10), makes it a convenient place to live if either of these destinations is preferred over London.

Bracknell is served by two railway stations, Bracknell town centre and also Martins Heron.

Helped by local housing estates that were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s the town of Bracknell grew rapidly.    In 2010, a third of Bracknell’s town centre constructed in the 1960’s and considered an eyesore by many was demolished and the new billion pound Lexicon Centre was opened in September 2017.  The Lexicon is a state-of-the-art retail and leisure complex. It was part of a wider regeneration project in the town. The Lexicon Centre has 70 stores, restaurants, and a cinema.

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